Wednesday, August 10, 2011


 hi! i'm yumi the shiba inu. this is the first picture that my mom took of me when she first came to pick me up from the airport on 05/27/2011 (friday)
i flew all by myself from missouri to chicago to los angeles!
i was very scared, (can you tell?) tired and hid ALL THE WAY in the back of the travel crate.

once my mom got me home i met the nyankos...
i tried to say hello to them, but they kept running away from me!
no matter how hard i was chasing after them, they hid up way high...
i'll get to see them next time....
after a nice warm bath and a quick blow dry, i was ready for a nice long nap....
the nyankos will be my friends, soon...i hope...

Thursday, May 26, 2011


we are the lucky nyankos that have had the pleasure to live with our owners, 綾 and most recently ニッキー.

here are the stats:

HIKARU (the eldest and wisest nyanko of the bunch)
birthdate: 04/01/1999
sex: male-neutered
color: silver tabby
personality: a gentle giant, but will attack when bothered.
hobbies: curling up into a ball to sleep in a squishy spot, find the warmest lap in the house to nap, and keeping order amongst the other kitties (as seen in the picture.)

SCOUT (the middle nyanko)
birthdate: 08/2009
sex: male-neutered
color: orange tabby with white markings
personality: a mama's boy & cuddle monkey.
hobbies: perch on papa's back to see what mama's doing, curl up next to mama, lick off papa's hair gel before bed and get pet.

birthdate: 07/2010
sex: male-neutered
color: orange tabby
personality: hungry, dopey and lazy.
hobbies: always on the hunt for food (sleeping is the time between eating), getting my belly rubbed, and terrorizing scout (see?! i've got scout in a submissive position, he is now my cushion.)

we dominate the living spaces of our human co-habitants.